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Unleash the power of automation: How PropTech software simplifies property management for operators

Are you still using manual processes for bookings or to schedule operational tasks? From managing daily arrivals and departures to handling housekeeping and building access, automating day-to-day tasks reduces operational costs while improving guest experience before, during, and even after their stay. 

But what does automated property management look like in reality? Here are five ways that res:harmonics automates and enhances day-to-day operations for property managers.

Check-in & check-out

Simplify check-in and check-out processes with a property management system (PMS). In advance of the guest’s arrival, res:harmonics will automatically assign the guest a digital key and send it to them via email (i.e. three hours before check-in time). The automated email will also ask for any outstanding payments if applicable and may include additional arrival information (i.e. how to enter the property), so the guest arrives seamlessly without the need for a physical check-in. At check-out, the system removes the guest’s digital access at a preset time (i.e. one hour after check-out) and sends automated departure communications without you needing to lift a finger. 

The entire arrival and departure process is registered on your res:harmonics dashboard, which displays key information for each guest’s booking, such as their room’s cleaning status, and flags any issues that require your attention, including no-shows. For each flagged issue, there are clickable actions to take (i.e. send an email to non-arrivals using a pre-created template) or automate. As such, simply sign into the res:harmonics system to oversee arrivals and departures for each day. To plan ahead, click on the following day's bookings or use a custom date range to check future arrivals and departures. 

Property access

Give your guests seamless access to properties, communal spaces and their private units using automation. res:harmonics PMS has an in-built integration with SALTO KS – access management control — that automatically assigns building access to guests at check-in and removes access at check-out. As each SALTO subscription has a maximum number of keys, the res:harmonics system removes users after check-out so you can keep welcoming new guests. As long as your booking’s start and end dates are correct, the system does it all for you - no matter the number of units under your control. 

For properties with a wide array of communal areas, such as coliving spaces, the system automates which bookings have access to certain areas at particular times. For example, allow guests 24-hour access to the front entrance and their rooms, but limit entry to amenities between certain times (i.e. spa facilities that open between 07.00-22.00). This not only enhances resident safety but reduces your time and stress handling lock-outs or replacing physical keys.


Automated housekeeping remotely manages housekeeping teams across multiple properties, ensuring quality control without physical oversight. Use res:harmonics property management system to set automatic cleaning activities for each booking status (i.e. full cleans the day of check-in and day after check-out) and guest type (i.e. biweekly housekeeping for stays over a month). For example, if you set all of your short-stay units to ‘check-in activity’, the system will send your housekeeping team a daily list of units to clean. Or, for longer stays, schedule a weekly clean seven days after check-in. 

When setting your cleaning activity templates, include a scheduled time (i.e. morning cleans for new arrivals, afternoon cleans for current guests) and specific checklists to follow (i.e. checkbox of furniture and rooms to cover in each unit type). To enhance efficiency, you can automatically assign tasks to certain days (i.e. all weekly cleans on Fridays) and to a specific team member (i.e. if specific housekeepers are responsible for different floors). 

With automation, you no longer need to manually work out your teams’ daily tasks or spend time onboarding new housekeeping staff as checklists contain cleaning details for each unit. 


Allow guests to directly raise maintenance requests themselves by filling in the issue type and its description in the guest portal or the guest app. They can even upload photographs there. The PMS automatically notifies the operations team with all the essential details (i.e. guest, unit, and issue), assigns specific tasks, and provides digital access to the relevant unit. 

The PMS allows a direct communication method between the operations team and guests, so operations can request more details and keep guests abreast of an issue’s resolution via real-time push notifications. Add any materials or chargeable items in a ‘work orders’ feature from a preset list (i.e. pipes, wires), and make these billable to the landlord (i.e. wear and tear) or the guest (i.e. accidental breakage). Synced with your PMS, these charges will automatically generate and send an ad-hoc invoice too. 

Notice something missing? With automation, you can seamlessly resolve maintenance issues without your direct involvement. 

On-the-go operations

From security and concierge staff to housekeeping and maintenance personnel, you work with a varied team of remote, on-site and contracted employees. The res:harmonics system enables seamless on-the-go collaboration with teams using automated features on our Rerum Operations App. All that’s required is a simple app download from the Google Play or Apple App Store

When new activity requests are generated, the app auto-assigns tasks to the appropriate staff member, sending push notifications to their phone. The app gives team members a filtered view of the activities and issues assigned to them individually (they can view everything that's been assigned to the team too). Via the app, new tasks can be picked up on the go and statuses logged when completed. Team members can decline requests if they don’t have capacity, create new activities themselves and fill in checklists, enabling you to simply monitor operational goings-on instead of being operationally hands-on. 

Automate with res:harmonics

No day in property management is the same. That’s why our automated software is specifically designed so that you can adapt to shifting circumstances while keeping the day-to-day running of the business ticking along.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or new to property management, free up your time and deliver an unbeatable guest experience with res:harmonics automation.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Long-Stay Bookings to learn how property management software supports long-stays.

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