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How to optimise coliving spaces with SALTO access control solutions

As the leading coliving property management system, res:harmonics only integrates with a curated choice of the best coliving software to optimise operations and generate more revenue for operators. res:harmonics is proud to integrate SALTO Systems access management solutions in our coliving PMS. SALTO does much more than simply open doors in shared living properties; its smart locks open new opportunities for coliving operators too. 

Coliving and smart locks

When it comes to security, communal living presents an array of unique challenges. Firstly, the concept of coliving is built on community, openness, and social interaction between residents. Secondly, coliving operators welcome new residents and visitors on a daily basis. This adds a layer of complexity to access control, as operators struggle to keep tabs on physical keys and the number of people coming and going. 

res:harmonics property management system and SALTO Systems knock down these traditional barriers and put operators back in control, no matter the location, community, resident or door type. 

“Coliving thinks outside the box and needs an access management solution that thinks outside the box too. Coliving not only demands a scalable access management solution that fits every variety of door, but also requires a customer-centric solution with community at its heart. At SALTO Systems, we work closely with our coliving partners to optimise resident wellbeing, build authentic community and streamline operations by delivering a futuristic access solution, today.” - Christian Schmitz, Global Lead Shared Living and Coworking at SALTO Systems.

Safer spaces

The priority of coliving operators is ensuring the security of residents, their possessions and the property itself. A solution is required that doesn’t compromise community safety nor detract from resident experience with heavy-handed access control. 

res:harmonics PMS and SALTO Systems enable resident access to coliving properties, including an individual’s private room and communal areas, like gyms or swimming pools. When necessary, operators can provide or block access - be it organising events in private meeting spaces, providing maintenance staff with temporary access or lifting all restrictions during emergencies (for example, operators can use the res:harmonics platform to open doors when a fire alarm rings). What’s more, smart lock usage is easy to track, meaning there are no concerns about previous residents using duplicate keys. 

Noli Studios run three coliving properties in Finland with res:harmonics property management software. Their clientele range from college graduates and young couples to commuting businesswomen and expats. With res:harmonics and SALTO KS, Noli managers control access to communal spaces at certain hours of the day or to certain individuals. 

Stronger community

It’s important that coliving residents have a friction-free experience, as ‘community is the key’ (a proud tagline used by SALTO team members). By assigning credentials to an app or smart card, residents can simply tap in and out of specific areas - such as the garage, gym, or their bedroom - using the same token and manage access to their own space by inviting guests. As the community changes, managers can also change permissions and easily add new properties.

As a result, operators and residents can organise community-enhancing events, such as a yoga class on the roof terrace or cocktail-making session at the bar, without compromising security or movement. It’s 24/7 access control without appearing to control access. 

Leading coliving operator The Collective uses res:harmonics coliving software and SALTO Systems to provide seamless community access to its shared spaces and inspiring events, whilst providing exceptional security in private spaces. 

Smoother operations

Together, res:harmonics and SALTO Systems offer a seamless management experience. Whether you have 20 access points or 2000, there’s no need to hire onsite staff, call up locksmiths or struggle to find keys for maintenance tasks; the system fully integrates with existing management tools to provide real-time occupancy data for effective space monitoring. This array of insightful data - with useful information on demographics, the popularity of amenities and communal space usage - even helps operators redesign coliving spaces to maximise uptake. 

Founded in 2017, Weave Living delivers quality living spaces for young people in large Asian cities. Weave uses res:harmonics coliving PMS and SALTO Systems to optimise its shared spaces and events, boosting social interaction amongst residents.

Smarter locks 

When it comes to coliving, it’s not just about using smart locks anymore, it’s about using the right type of smart locks. With SALTO integrated with res:harmonics coliving PMS, operators can customise their electronic locks, door types and coliving software to suit their preferences and enhance guest experience. At res:harmonics, we’re always looking for game-changing proptech solutions that improves coliving operations, and that’s exactly what SALTO and res:harmonics delivers together. 

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