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Build to rent software

Helping you generate more revenue with a platform that manages your entire property portfolio.
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build to rent SOFTWARE

Automate tasks

Manage day-to-day operations using a remote system. Attract new residents, take bookings, invoice customers and send emails automatically. Assign housekeeping tasks and resolve maintenance issues in real-time for quick turnarounds. Save costs on a reduced team of staff. 


Be flexible

Switch seamlessly between short stay and long stay residential offerings to optimise NOI. Connect your pricing and availability to multiple channels and take bookings from a global audience. Receive payments and send welcome emails automatically. 

res:harmonics property management system
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build to rent SOFTWARE

Offer a tech-enabled customer experience

Connect residents to your system and upsell offerings, build community and give back customers control of their living experience. Streamline processes to enhance guest experience, and increase the likelihood of lease renewals and increased profit. 

Join over 10,000 serviced apartments around the world who trust res:harmonics to run their business.

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