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Property Management System

Store all of your property data in one place and use it wherever, whenever.
Unit Detail

Marketing information

Store your marketing information against each property and push to the website, quote portal, email templates or other systems via API.

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Store images of buildings, communal areas and the apartments.
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Centralise your property and local area descriptions.
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Features and facilities
Store the features and facilities at the building or apartment level.
Asset Details

Property management

Centralise the property management information so all info is in one place.

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Documents archive
Upload compliance information and store centrally for ease of access and use.
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Keep supplier information and contact details on the database.
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Track the inventory across the portfolio
Owner Contracts

Ownership and contracts

Keep tabs of your contractual commitments and owner information.

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Owner information
Stay in touch with your owners and keep them up-to-date.
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Enable individual contracts for units and buildings so guests never book past the end of contract by mistake.

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