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Long-stay bookings are the frontier of innovative living

Automate your operations with res:harmonics –  the all-in-one property management software with the essential tools to streamline processes and maximise profit.
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Why switch your property management system to res:harmonics?

Since 2016, we’ve supported innovative living operators in attracting, seamlessly managing, and delivering exceptional short, medium, and long-stays. 

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Maximise nightly, weekly, and monthly rates

The increasing average length of stay across serviced apartments, coliving, and build-to-rent (BTR) shows no signs of slowing down - especially as the digital native accommodation hunters of the future (Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha) have grown accustomed to flexible lifestyles. Thanks to PropTech developments, you can reap the benefits of a flexible approach.

Dynamic pricing
Use dynamic pricing to set sliding pricing scales and reduce rates for longer stays
Manage multiple portfolios
Enable flexible stays across short, medium and long-stays. Connect remotely with all properties using one centralised property management system.
Automate billing processes
Allows guests to set up direct debit or card payments to suit billing preferences via card, bank account, and direct debit. Bill monthly, per calendar month, or pro-rata


Streamline operations and reduce overheads

With no sales team involvement and minimal management oversight required, you can focus on more important tasks that increase guest satisfaction and drive revenue.

Avoid rental voids
Achieve year round occupancies and guaranteed revenue over consecutive quarters
Streamline operational processes
Check the status of incoming long-stay bookings from one centralised system. Run your properties with a leaner staffing model, reducing overheads and saving costs
Curate the guest experience
Provide a homelike guest experience, with fewer staff interactions and lower overheads
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Provide an effortless customer journey

Traditionally long-winded, long-stay booking journeys once involved specialist tools, sales team back-and-forth, and hands-on management. But with modern property management software, the long-stay booking process is now a seamless, digital journey.

Provide easy verification and referencing checks, application processes, and trusted deposit protection schemes
Contract signing
Guests can apply for their stay online, with e-signing software making the application process faster and easier
Inventory management
Arrange digital inventory at check-in and check-out for frictionless arrivals and departures

Connect with best-in-class tools

Our core platform is compatible with third party specialist partners so you can seamlessly grow all parts of your business. Learn more about our integration partners.

Digital keys
Enable safe and secure access to your properties, with automatically assigned digital keys.
Finance system
Automate payments and billing swiftly and securely. Integrate with the world's most trusted finance platforms.
Marketing & CRM
Manage the customer journey efficiently with leading marketing and CRM systems.
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res:harmonics all-in-one property management software has the essential tools to automate processes, streamline communication and maximise profit across short stay and long stay residential.

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Use multiple sales channels to maximise sales opportunities
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Optimise availability and rates to increase profitable occupancy
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Automate to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and deliver a great guest experience
Know you customers better, grow your relationships and increase NPS
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Analyse data to drive portfolio performance and future decision making

Join over 10,000 serviced apartments around the world who trust res:harmonics to run their business.

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