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Roomspace is the oldest corporate housing brand in the UK, providing high quality, full furnished and spacious serviced apartments for over 25 years. 

Having initially developed its own in-house serviced apartment software, Roomspace eventually found their technology was no longer current and it lacked some modern integrations. res:harmonics quickly modernised their tech capabilities and implemented our serviced apartment property management software across Roomspace devices. 

With rapid integration into the accounting system and channel management pipeline, res:harmonics wasted no time speeding up data flow, streamlining communication, improving collaboration and enhancing operational functionality for Roomspace. 

“For me, res:harmonics is the perfect professional marriage of great service and great product. Not only are the features a game-changer, but the res:harmonics team also put the hours in from the get-go and have been on hand ever since” - Charlie McCrow, CEO and Founder at Roomspace

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