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Moving from internal to external software for the first time, Roomspace was able to cut costs, streamline operations and introduce new revenue streams thanks to res:harmonics. 

Who – are Roomspace?

Roomspace is the oldest corporate housing brand in the UK. Founded in 1995, Roomspace successfully expanded from London to mainland Europe and now provides over 450 high-quality, fully-furnished and spacious serviced apartments across 35 locations in the UK, Spain and Portugal. From extended business stays and relocation to short-term business trips and project work, Roomspace caters for all kinds and lengths of corporate stay and offers a wide variety of property types.  

Why – did they hire res:harmonics?

Established during the internet boom of the mid 90s, Roomspace understood the benefits that tech could bring to the serviced apartment sphere and decided to invest in its own in-house software. However, despite continually updating and writing new software, Roomspace eventually found their technology was no longer current and lacked many modern integrations, such as connections with channel managers and online booking opportunities. 

What’s more, while international expansion brought new revenue streams, it also brought new languages and currencies that Roomspace’s platform struggled with. Given the internal cost and time involved with software development, Roomspace decided to look for an external solution. Enter res:harmonics. 

What – did res:harmonics do?

After a simple, tailored onboarding process, res:harmonics quickly modernised Roomspace’s tech capabilities. From providing direct access to channel managers and online booking agencies to opening new marketing opportunities and revenue streams, res:harmonics’ software was implemented across Roomspace’s desktop and mobile devices. In addition, res:harmonics integrated account software Quickbooks and new automated enquiry features, giving Roomspace greater control over the customer journey from enquiry to invoice. 

Furthermore, res:harmonics software enabled Roomspace to communicate with all of its guests and staff in real-time by automatically translating their respective languages, while also giving Roomspace the ability to set and view apartment rates in multiple currencies. 

How – did res:harmonics make a difference?

With its rapid integration into the accounting system and channel management pipeline, res:harmonics wasted no time speeding up data flow, streamlining communication, improving collaboration and enhancing Roomspace’s operational functionality. 

Moreover, Roomspace was able to cut costs and staff time through better time-planned activities, such as automated housekeeping and maintenance, while res:harmonics’ reporting features afforded Roomspace quick and easy oversight of their entire international portfolio, enabling Roomspace to better understand performance and helping them make smart data-led pricing decisions to boost their bottom line. 

“For me, res:harmonics is the perfect professional marriage of great service and great product. Not only are the features a game-changer, but the res:harmonics team also put the hours in from the get-go and have been on hand ever since” - Charlie McCrow, CEO and Founder at Roomspace

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