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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the essential tools for high performance operations. Curious to learn more? We've answered some FAQs.
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Who is res:harmonics property management software for?

res:harmonics property management software is for property managers and operators across short stay and long stay residential, including serviced apartments, coliving and build to rent.

How do I pick the most suitable features for my property management software?

We have a range of features that can be easily integrated into your property management software. First, we'll talk to you about what you’re looking for and guide you through the most suitable solutions for your business. 

How long does it take to set up the res:harmonics platform?

This depends on the size of your business. We start by getting to know your property management business first, so that we know which tools and solutions are most suitable for your business and reach your goals.

If I'm already using a property management software, how do I switch to res:harmonics?

We provide an onboarding system where you can import your existing data into the res:harmonics platform.

How should I start?

Get started by requesting a demo for res:harmonics property management software. 

How often do you update the system?

We update our platform regularly and will always communicate with you when we’ve completed an update. We’ll also update the knowledge base - our internal learning platform - with any updates. You and your team can access this easily.  

What training do you provide?

We have a knowledge base which you and your team can access for tutorials on all our features. We also run webinars on our features. Our team is always on hand for questions. 

Do you have a mobile application?

Yes, res:harmonics property management software is a cloud-based system which is accessible from anywhere, enabling remote access across multiple properties and sites.

Which languages does your platform translate into?

res:harmonics property management software translates into all different languages.

Which countries are you available in?

We have no limitations on the countries we're available in, and work with with many UK and European based countries, as well as countries in Asia.

Join over 10,000 serviced apartments around the world who trust res:harmonics to run their business.

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