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5 best features of property management systems for operators

Why do operators use serviced apartment property management systems? Well, excellent guest experience boosts length of stay and return custom. Streamlined management cuts overheads and enhances revenue. An efficient maintenance solution ensures properties remain in prime condition. While operators have an array of bespoke needs, top-of-the-range serviced apartment software can transform their business operations. Here’s how. 

Channel Manager

Household names like, Silverdoor and Rightmove, online travel agencies (OTAs) and property portals provide different services; serviced apartment operators need to use the right channel to attract the right customer. Listing available properties across multiple sites using a channel manager for serviced apartments boosts sales and visibility, but there’s more to channel management than simply posting vacancies online. 

Manage channels with a serviced apartment property management system dynamically, pushing multiple rates on multiple sites at the same time, which automatically updates according to competitors’ local pricing and demand. You can synchronise your portfolio availability, receive bookings in real-time and maximise occupancy across your units by varying rates and booking terms according to length of stay. In short, in-built channel managers for serviced apartments should be part of every operators’ arsenal. 

Booking Portal

By connecting to customers directly, a direct booking portal helps you save 15-30% OTA commission, deliver a personalised experience and enhance your brand, but do you know how to set up a booking portal? 

A great serviced apartment property management system embeds a booking portal full of SEO-enhancing content, conversion-boosting photos, simple pricing and a secure payments system to encourage guests to ‘book now, not later’. What’s more, booking portals can be fully customised to your branding for a great first impression and all booking data will immediately synchronise with the rest of the system, so you don’t have to manually update your information. 

Community App

Guest apps used to be a digital welcome booklet: an easy way for guests to find vital information about their booking, the building’s amenities and in-apartment services. While still a core component of property management systems, the latest guest apps combine a community element too. 

From organising a film night with fellow residents in the cinema room to arranging creche cover and children’s activities during working hours, a community app fosters community and enhances experience by enabling guests to interact with each other. Building friendships increases length of stay, so operators can boost occupancy by simply harnessing this in-built feature within a property management system. 


Effective property maintenance is effective property management. From minimising labour and material costs to avoiding reputational damage and loss of earnings, property upkeep is essential. 

The best serviced apartment property management systems have in-built maintenance apps, which guests, operators and contractors can access. Via the app, guests can report and monitor a maintenance issue and speak directly to service workers. Operators assign tasks by location and urgency, track performance with real-time updates and oversee their full portfolio remotely. Contractors receive access codes, photos and access control in advance of their visit, so repairs are completed in hours, not days. In effect, serviced apartment software turns maintenance into a reputation-enhancer. 


One of the major differences between a serviced apartment property management system is the way in which it’s built. Basic platforms require multiple integrations for each new product (i.e. adding a new finance system). Whereas others, like res:harmonics serviced apartment software, are all-in-one platforms compatible with third party partners, which are not only quicker to set-up, but easier to use to grow all parts of your business. 

Looking to add a smart lock system? Try SALTO cloud-based access management solutions. Searching for an automatic accounting system? Integrate QuickBooks to track sales, expenses and profits in one place. Finding a way to boost guest experience and revenue at the same time? Put Wishbox into action with a click of a button. Whether it's enhancing marketing, streamlining payments or improving business analytics, a great serviced apartment property management system should give easy access to some of the most innovative hospitality integrations on the market. 

Not all property management systems are the same

Property management systems vary in size, scope and scalability, so it’s crucial to consider your bespoke needs and find a solution tailored to you. That's why at res:harmonics, we provide consultancy services to help you customise and enhance your serviced apartment property management system to fit your business and specific goals. Get in touch to find out more. 

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