Direct Bookings

Ready to go website for direct bookings
Booking ENGINE

Take direct bookings

A booking engine to compliment your own website allowing dynamic search of the portfolio and online direct bookings

Showcase your property
Multiple photos and carousels of apartments and properties
Multiple rates and availability
Vary rates by length of stay, booking terms
Online booking and payment
Payments taken online and bookings created in real-time
Revenue Manage Availability
Control how much of the portfolio can be booked online
Booking ENGINE

One source for content

Combine your property management system information with bespoke content about your brand, team and services

Property Information pulled from the PMS
All of your property information pulls from the core system so that you don't have to upload information multiple times
Content Management
Customise the content on the site using an easy to use content management system

Maximise your website exposure online

Maximise the exposure of the site online with search engine tools

Search engine optimisation
Keywords, Meta data, site search and the tools you need to maximise your search engine performance
Google Analytics
Track conversion using Google Analystics and Tag Manager

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