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The Operations App: equipping operators with maintenance superpowers

All serviced apartment and co-living operators need effective operations. It’s often the difference between repeat guests and bad reviews; the fine line between full occupancy and cordoned-off corridors. But to be an innovative living company and not a barely living company, operators need maintenance superpowers that transform operational teams from unsung heroes to superheroes. How? Well, the mobile Operations App of course.  

How it works

The mobile app revolutionises how operators can maintain properties at a distance by establishing a one-stop-operations-shop for technicians, supervisors and guests. Accessed and updated remotely and in real-time, the Operations App has an array of superpowers. 

  • Task scheduling - From creating new activities and setting personalised to-do lists to filtering jobs per location and prioritising urgent duties, each team member has control over their day-to-day and never misses a beat. 
  • Comms platform - Each corner of the manager-maintenance team-guest triangle can speak directly to the others, enabling faster and more efficient solutions and greater peace of mind. 
  • Real-time reporting - On the go updates? Tick. Out and about repairs? Tick. With the Operations App, all team members can report issues as they encounter them, expediting their resolution without the need to jump through centralised admin hoops. 
  • Complete access - Be it housekeeping, maintenance or even pest control, all on-site staff can access a full list of keys filtered by location, check a key’s status and easily track down the team member with a specific key with the app.

Why operators should be excited

The mobile app takes the ‘operation’ out of ‘operations’ and makes maintaining multiple properties a doddle. For me, these are the three principal advantages:

  • Streamlined maintenance. Whether it’s full team oversight or recurring task checklists, the mobile app helps prevent maintenance issues from becoming maintenance issues. When reality bites, the app heightens operator’s responsiveness, leading to resolutions both inside apartments - i.e. faulty showers, fridges and lighting - and inside buildings - i.e. stained wallpaper and carpeting - in hours rather than days. 
  • Light-touch, heavy-reward management. Let’s start with oversight. At the touch of a button and glance at a screen, operators can have remote oversight over all maintenance issues and trends across multiple locations ensuring compliance with regulations, prompt solutions and effective performance-tracking. Let that sink in. That means no tasks left uncompleted, no time spent checking in with multiple teams and no administrative costs. Let that sink in again.
  • Tip top guest experience. In today’s competitive and Covid-wary market, great guest experience separates the serviced apartment wheat from the furnished accommodation chaff. With the mobile app, guests are in complete control. They can raise issues 24 hours per day and collaborate on progress. They can add bespoke housekeeping requests and track cleaning checklists. They can speak directly to maintenance teams and rest assured any issue will be swiftly resolved. Light bulbs pop and electricals break, but the Operations App flips what could be a potentially negative experience into a positive one. 

Dina, dina, dina, dina...APPman

Not all superheros wear capes, some wear overalls. By automating and performance-managing the maintenance process with the Operations App, serviced apartment and co-living operators can nail the two things they’re all trying to do: maximise profits and provide great guest experience. Now, if that isn’t super, I don’t know what is.

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