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Rentals United channel manager has arrived

ReRum PMS has partnered with Rentals United channel manager to give access to 50+ niche holiday rental channels. Now available this integration will bring 50 + niche channels along with some familiar faces such as Expedia and


This channel manager charges based on the number of active properties and not on per Hotel or commission basis. This means the monthly cost is fixed and will scale with the number of properties you publish to Rentals United.


Rentals United can be added as an App on ReRum PMS and apartments are published with a tick of a box. Set the rate and then mark the apartments availability on the group grid and all the information will be automatically pushed up to Rental United.

Rentals United supports a content API to many of the channels including and Airbnb.  This means once you have published the properties in ReRum PMS then selected the channels you want to use it will do all the work for you. No more uploading all the pictures again, cutting & pasting descriptions.

Rentals United Property Configuration

Since you are loading individual properties to Rentals United you have full control of what is available and when. Using the ReRum PMS Availability Group Grid you can easily push a property to Rentals United to fill a void. The image below shows the Availability Group Grid with three properties published to the channel manager and available. The blue bar tells us that for those dates this property is made available to Rentals United. You can see Unit 1 & 2 in Foscari place are available for just 1 day on the 8th June to fill a void.

Resharmonics Availability Grid


AirBnB logo

Given that many of ReRum PMS customers are already using Airbnb but are having to manage it separately. Therefore using this new Channel Manager integration will ease the load by making it all manageable in one place.


If you would like to enable this APP in ReRum PMS just contact your account manager. If you are not using ReRum PMS and would like to see how it can transform your property business –

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