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Creating high-quality turnarounds for short-stay guests with Opago

Short-stay rentals can be highly profitable, but the higher rental rates are counterbalanced by lower occupancies. Rapid high-quality turnarounds can increase your capacity for short-stay guests, but it requires teams on the ground that most lean operators don’t have. Thanks to the Opago and res:harmonics partnership, you now can. 

Opago is the leading property operations services provider in London, Barcelona and Paris. From complete block management and individual guest services to maintenance and housekeeping, Opago runs the day-to-day operations for 3000+ units and 500+ hosts and landlords. Together, Opago and res:harmonics offer property managers an all-in-one operations solution that creates high-quality turnarounds, enhances management efficiency and increases short-stay profits. Here’s how. 

Rapid high-quality turnarounds

Short-stay operators need rapid high-quality turnarounds for their business model to work. If the turnarounds take too long, you lose out on potential occupancy. If it’s low quality, you may suffer from bad reviews and lack of repeat custom. However, speed and thoroughness is a tough balancing act to achieve, especially if you have a lean operations team. 

But, fear not. Like calling the Ghostbusters, the res:harmonics system can send out a squad of logistics professionals managed by Opago, who act both quickly and to impeccable standards to get your apartment ready for the next guest, even if they’re arriving later that same day. 

For example, imagine a new three-day booking comes into the res:harmonics PMS for one of your two-bed units in London. The new guest is due to arrive four hours after the previous guests check-out. What could have been a stressfully short turn-around for a deep clean is now easily manageable thanks to the Opago and res:harmonics integration. An automatically generated priority housekeeping task is carried out by the Opago team according to set checklists and preferences - i.e. bringing in an extra bed for a child and removing the TV. They will then upload photo evidence and real-time progress updates, so all you need to do is check your smart device with peace of mind that the unit is ready for new guests. 

“It’s seamless. Integrated with the res:harmonics system, we can provide quality in-apartment operations backed by fantastic technology, all with full oversight of the workflow process from your smartphone,” Antanas Perez, Co-Founder & CTO, Opago.

Greater management efficiency

Preparing one unit for new guests can be stressful, but preparing multiple short-term rentals across multiple locations at the same time can be even more demanding. Even with a large in-house operations team and an army of on-site staff, sorting out the logistics, scheduling tasks and overseeing progress is a management migraine in the making. Thanks to the integration between Opago and res:harmonics, this headache is instantly taken away. 

Because of the res:harmonics all-in-one platform, you only need to use one system to manage end-of-stay turnarounds, in-stay maintenance and housekeeping requests. It enables a hands-off approach management style with a hands-on outsourced team, which saves money, alleviates stress, enhances efficiency and frees up your internal team’s time and energy to focus on elevating guest experience. 

For example, imagine you have three apartments across two cities to prepare for new guests. When the housekeeping team arrives, they find broken showers and faulty appliances. By scheduling a maintenance request via the res:harmonics operations app, tasks are automatically assigned to the nearest and most relevant Opago service maintenance personnel, who can resolve the situation in hours, not days. What could have been a stressful panic requires no more than a few clicks. 

"Whether preparing for new guests or servicing current tenants, res:harmonics and Opago’s integration removes the stress of fulfilling a booking and providing excellent in-apartment experience,” Antanas Perez, Co-Founder & CTO, Opago.

Increase short-stay profits 

At the end of the day, profit is a key part of running a property business. The short turnarounds facilitated by Opago open up more days for lucrative short-term rentals as you can offer the same unit the same day as check-out from the previous guest. But that’s not all. 

Use one system, supplier and invoice for all your operations needs to cut management costs and time, whilst allowing oversight of more bookings in more locations. In other words, it’s much easier to scale with the same size team taking on more apartments, more guests and more bookings. Outsourcing compliance checks and high-quality maintenance services to Opago keeps your units in good condition and avoids fees later down the line, which minimises costs and increases your profit margins. 

For example, the res:harmonics system automatically sets the Opago team a task for the end of tenancy check-out service. They not only carry out any necessary cleaning and maintenance, but ensure the apartment meets all compliance requirements. Opago can perform a meet & greet with incoming guests if required and can quickly arrange for any last-minute requests. All the while, your internal team is focusing on expanding your entire business, rather than exhausting energy on the minute details of daily operations. 

“It’s like a snowball effect: you save time and cut costs, you enhance guest experience and increase bookings, you boost revenue and grow the business,” Antanas Perez, Co-Founder & CTO, Opago.

End-to-end automation

Together, res:harmonics and Opago make end-to-end automated property management a reality. With everything you need to manage short-stay rentals in one place, why go anywhere else? 

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