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5 ways res:harmonics PMS streamlines coliving management processes at Gravity Co

At a time when Gravity Co was experiencing exponential growth in the coliving market, they decided to switch property management systems to a bespoke platform that could easily help the team run day-to-day operations. Providing a friendly, easy-to-use and flexible user interface, res:harmonics coliving management software was the perfect fit. Since 2021, we’ve supported Gravity Co in an exciting period in its business journey, and streamlined their management processes across new sites to set them up for success. 

Gravity Co is one of the UK’s fastest growing coliving brands. Since opening in London in 2019, Gravity Co now offers over 200 rooms, studios and apartments across five UK locations that focus on community, positive wellbeing and professional development. Gravity Co’s innovative approach to coliving saw the company named ‘Coliving Operator of the Year’ at the 2022 Coliving Awards. Here’s how we work together. 

All-in-one coliving technology

The Gravity Co team recognised that one of the core tech platforms that they needed to successfully run operations was a property management software. Whilst they initially built a fragmented tech stack of integrations and apps, when they approached us, they were looking to bring all of these tech capabilities under one roof.

Unlike some coliving management software, res:harmonics unified platform houses all the tools required to run various coliving departments in an easy-to-use system. Accounting benefits from automated invoices and secure payment systems. Operations update housekeeping checklists and assign maintenance tasks remotely. The sales team uses the channel manager to attract the right type of coliving guest and the booking website to convert prospects. 

No matter the team member, no matter the department, res:harmonics all-in-one property management software simplifies and boosts operational efficiency. 

Bespoke tools

res:harmonics coliving software provides out-of-the-box simplicity for non-technical teams. Our agile development team worked closely with Gravity Co to build new tools to support sales and marketing. 

For instance, res:harmonics built custom booking software that’s hosted on the Gravity Co website. Designed in the brand livery, the online booking system facilitates a seamless experience for users to view varied room, studio and apartment options across multiple locations, and register their interest with the sales team. 

Optimised across tablet, mobile and desktop devices, res:harmonics online booking system provides a frictionless customer journey. 

Data-based decisions

Many coliving operators agree that decisions should be informed by data rather than instinct. Gravity Co initially used technology to cut costs and reduce human error. By switching to res:harmonics coliving software, they’ve enhanced their guest experience too.

Whether it’s average length of stay, revenue-by-channel or occupancy variations, res:harmonics data dashboard not only gathers useful information, but crunches the numbers and clearly presents the analysis, helping coliving operators minimise booking gaps and maximise revenue along the way.


Automation is the key to efficiency. Firstly, sending automated welcome emails and monthly invoices saves time for the Gravity Co management team, which then helps them focus on value-enhancing activities, such as community-building (which is one of their core USPs). res:harmonics coliving management system also automates admin tasks, such as updating occupancy calendars. Meanwhile, the community team can use the two-way community app portal as a ‘virtual reception’ to instantly answer guest queries and respond to their needs round the clock. The operational team have noticed a vast improvement in their day to day activities using res:harmonics coliving software. 

By automating processes across multiple business functions, res:harmonics coliving software boosts employee productivity by up to 40%. 

Taking advantage of remote opportunities

No matter the apartment size or location, coliving operators can remotely manage operations across multiple sites with res:harmonics property management software. This opens up a whole new avenue of opportunities for operators to pursue, such as international expansion. 

For example, by remotely sending emergency maintenance to an individual apartment or communicate updates to all guests through the guest portal, res:harmonics PMS not only provides simple oversight over an international portfolio, but also translates communication into different languages in real-time and updates apartment rates in multiple currencies, making it easier to market units to an international audience. 

Given Gravity Co recently announced expansion plans across Europe after raising £5 million in funding, res:harmonics coliving PMS is the perfect vehicle to help them reach their target of 1000 operational beds by the end of 2023.

The winning touch

“Our team has worked with a number of PMS providers in the past. What’s great about res:harmonics is how flexible they are. They are extremely agile and have been able to closely work with us to support both our implementation and launch journey. The system itself is helping each department in its own way and is aiding us as a company to make a lot more decisions based on data.” Craig McCormack, Marketing Manager, Gravity Co.

Gravity Co is going from strength to strength to seamlessly managing rapid growth while building a reputation for excellent operations and guest experience. It’s no wonder they were named Coliving Operator of the Year 2022. 

Fancy being a part of coliving tech revolution? Get in touch with res:harmonics to find out how you can streamline your coliving management processes. 

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