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10 res:harmonics features I wish I had as a serviced apartment and co-living operator

10 res:harmonics features I wish I had as an operator

I wish I knew then what I know now’. Having spent most of my career creating and implementing revenue programmes for international operators, it’s taken me to leap across the hospitality divide to embrace my inner Rod Stewart and realise what amazing tools I could have had at my disposal. 

From time-saving applications to conversion-boosting features, two months with res:harmonics has opened my eyes to the overflowing toolbox that serviced apartment and co-living operators now have at their fingertips. These are the 10 features I wish I had. 

1. Automated billing

Invoices are a double-edged sword. On the one side, you’re getting paid, but on the other, you’re spending endless hours creating, sending, chasing and syncing them with your financial structure. Well, no longer. With res:harmonics’ billing platform, invoices are automatically generated, updated with booking amendments, shared with guests and synced directly with your financial system (both internal and external). No admin, no errors, no hassle. 

2. Operations module

Working across multiple sites and personnel, hospitality operations used to be synonymous with inefficient management practices. With res:harmonics, it’s the opposite. Need to clean a row of units? Assign tasks to remote housekeeping teams, who tick off online checklists, log time spent in each unit and upload photos of completed work. Need to fix a faulty fridge? Alert maintenance teams pre-visit with photos and descriptions of the issue and then track the call-out in real-time. Easy as pie. 

3. Quote Portal

If any of you saw my first blog, you’ll know how much I love the Quote Portal. In less than 60 seconds, you can go from guest enquiry to bespoke quote with personalised messaging, photos and rates. It boosts conversion, offers new opportunities to upsell and enhances your brand. What’s not to love? 

4. Real-time reporting

Data is key to optimising performance and maximising profit, but data input and producing analytics reports is about as time-consuming as it sounds. If only there was an easy-to-read dashboard that did it all for you. One that automatically produced detailed reports on your customers and business processes allowing you to make smart data-led decisions. If only...

5. Guest Portal

Hospitality is all about giving guests a great experience. To some operators, that’s spa treatments and fluffy towels, but actually it’s about putting guests in control. The Guest Portal keeps everything about a guest’s stay - payments, check-in preferences, special requirements etc - in one place. Guests log on, check their status and can communicate directly with an operator (via a two-way messaging hub) over any issue 24 hours per day. It’s better than free foot rub, trust me.

6. Owner Portal

Now take the guest concept and reimagine it for owners. The Owner Portal is a one-stop-smile-shop for owners. Without operators needing to organise catch-up calls, owners can log onto the portal to sign contracts, download performance reports, monitor bookings and watch the revenue flow in. 

7. Unified inbox

Sometimes the simpler tools are the best. Over the last 20 years, I’ve had to use a variety of email accounts, OTA messaging systems and booking forms to liaise with guests, owners, investors, colleagues, you name it. Res:harmonics unified inbox syncs all these sources so no matter where it’s from or where it’s going to, you can send and receive messages from one platform. Yes, please. 

8. Channel Manager

On a similar note, I would love to use the channel manager as a serviced apartment and co-living operator. With this feature, you not only receive bookings from a range of OTAs, specialist agents and other channels, but you can push different rates to different sites, while also varying your rates by length of stay and availability. Now that’s channel management. 

9. CRM module

From a commercial point of view, the CRM module is a game-changer. Customer relationships are crucial to all operators and embedding the full CRM into a property management system is a massive benefit to track and grow your database from every angle and perspective. From customers bookings and activities to their issues and preferences, you can build up a profile on your guests and enhance their experience over time. 

10. Booking Engine

Direct bookings make sense on every level: they cut your commission costs, improve your connection with the customer and strengthen your online presence helping to attract even more guests. But, not all direct booking engines are the same. You want one that is fully customisable, showcases great photos, offers tailored rates and gives guests the option to personalise their stay. Now, I wonder who does that…

Praise be to tech

Many of these tools weren’t available even a few years ago, but they are available now. In fact, with the current tech capabilities, there is almost no limit to the features that can be built to support the serviced apartment and co-living world. At res:harmonics, we’ll keep on adding to the operator’s toolbox, but if you have an idea for a feature, let us know. Rod Stewart and I are looking back at what could have been. Don’t be like us...

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