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15 Basil Street

How using a PMS specifically-designed for serviced apartments helped 15 Basil Street streamline operations and save management time. 

Who – are 15 Basil Street?

Part of the The Landmark Lancaster Hotel group, 15 Basil Street brings the group’s signature luxury to the serviced apartment world through its eight exclusive serviced apartments in London’s Knightsbridge. From one bed to three bed apartments, 15 Basil Street offers a range of accommodation that's as elegant as it is on the outside - think stuccoed buildings and pillared porches a stone’s throw away from Harrods - as on the inside. 15 Basil Street is a spacious and comfortable home away from home.

Why – did they hire res:harmonics?

15 Basil Street was acquired by the The Landmark Lancaster Hotel group in the early 2010s. Since then, the two companies have been using the same operating system. The team at 15 Basil Street were constantly picking through reports and separate revenues. 

Management were taking advantage of the Covid lull to refurbish their apartments. They were also keen to redesign operations by having their own property management software. They knew that a bespoke serviced apartment property management system would be a game-changing revenue generator and they wanted a system that had a two-way interface, reducing the length of time it took to make reservations. Using their past experience of working in the serviced apartment sector and speaking to contacts in the industry, 15 Basil Street drew up a shortlist of options before deciding to go with res:harmonics. 

What – did res:harmonics do?

res:harmonics worked with 15 Basil Street to create a system that worked for their bespoke needs, such as finding the right OTA channels for their collection of luxury London apartments, working on the system’s design and getting the software fully-functioning in a way that suited the management team at 15 Basil Street. 

res:harmonics added automated payments to the 15 Basil Street website, online booking system and OTA channels. This enabled online enquiries and quotes, digitising many processes that had originally been carried out manually, and saving the management team precious time. 

How – did res:harmonics make a difference?

Previously, the one-way system meant that a cancellation over weekends would take three days before a team member reopened the system, meaning 15 Basil Street would potentially miss out on a bookings despite having an available unit. res:harmonics changed the online booking system to create better user experiences for both guests and management. With the live system, an automated availability calendar updates in real-time. 

What’s more, 15 Basil Street previously required advance payment, and would email payment details to guests, confusing some customers in the process and losing bookings. Now, guests book directly via the website or via an OTA. This streamlines booking process and increases conversions. It also reduces manual admin tasks and takes the pressure off management who can save time and undertake higher level tasks instead.

“I come from a serviced apartment background and I was really impressed how the res:harmonics system was clearly designed with serviced apartments in mind. With Covid, it’s taken time for us to get up and running and res:harmonics have been really patient with us. Compared to how I used to work, I think it’s going to be a huge benefit in terms of generating more revenue and making my day-to-day life simpler” - Kirsty Williams, Business Development Manager at 15 Basil Street.

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