Rentals United channel manager coming to ReRum

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13 February 2017 Giles Horwitch-Smith Leave a comment Product Updates

Rentals United brings Airbnb to ReRum

ReRum PMS is integrating channel manager Rentals United and will be available in June 2017.

The benefits of a channel manager are the ability to connect to lots of channels without your Apartment Management System (AMS) having to have a direct connection with all channels. allows you to connect to over 750 different channels, many of which an AMS would never connect to directly.

Which Channels are best for Serviced Apartments?

As the serviced apartment industry has grown & matured it has become clear that certain channels provide longer stays and therefore more profitable stays. Longer stays are often coming from channels that are traditionally aimed at vacation lets such as Airbnb or HomeAway.

Rentals United

Rentals United LogoFor this reason ReRum is partnering with Rentals United channel manager to give access to these niche channels. Available in June 2017 this integration will bring 50 + niche channels along with some familiar faces such as Expedia and This channel manager charges by the active apartments you have available to the channel manager and not per Hotel or a commission basis. This means that the monthly cost is fixed and known and will scale with the number of apartments you make available to Rentals United.

Rentals United can be added as an APP onto ReRum PMS and apartments are made available with a tick box.  You can then set the rate you want to use and mark the apartments availability on the grid and all the information will be automatically pushed up to Rental United.

Many ReRum PMS customers are using Airbnb but managing it separately and having to update their PMS manually. This channel manager will allow it to be managed all inside ReRum PMS.

If you would like to turn Rentals United on inReRum PMS just contact your account manager.

Demo Rentals United

If you would like to enable this APP in ReRum PMS just contact your account manager. If you are not using ReRum PMS and would like to see how it can transform your property business then BOOK A DEMO HERE

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