Handle day to day property management activities and operational issues

Help Desk

Our Help Desk provides a coordinated central location to manage guest issues. Assign issues to team to resolve guest issues quickly.


Tickets are used to keep track of operational request that are made. Tickets can be attached to customers, apartments, or bookings depending on where the problem was raised.

Ticket Assigning

Users can raise new tickets, edit current tickets, assign a ticket to a member of staff, or change the state of a ticket.

Key Management

Key Management provides a facility to keep track of apartment keys or codes. Users can check keys out to customers. All movements of keys are fully logged, giving a detailed history.

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler provides an intuitive calendar view of the current maintenance and housekeeping tasks present in the system. Users can reschedule tasks graphically, by moving the tasks forward or backwards on the calendar in order to effectively balance resource usage.

Housekeepers’ View

Housekeepers’ View provides a simple interface to all the information necessary for housekeepers to perform the daily tasks.
It lists all the check-ins and check-outs for a specific day, as well as any housekeeping tasks that need to be completed.


Mobile Device view gives users who are on the move remote access to the system via a mobile web browser. Check for outstanding helpdesk tickets while on-site, complete the task, and mark the tasks as completed. Verify the occupancy of apartments in the portfolio and the status of bookings.